Saturday, August 9, 2014

Introducing...joining challenges with just an email address!

In the past, we required either a Facebook or Google account to login to Challenge Builder to either create a challenge or join a challenge.  This worked great for a large number of users, but we still heard feedback that many people wanted the option to join a challenge without having either of these accounts.  Well good news for these people - we are pleased to announce that we have now added the functionality to allow people to join a challenge by simply entering their email address!

Now when users join a challenge either on or using our iframe plugin on a third party website, they will be presented with the following options to save their picks:

The Facebook and Google login options still will work the same as before, but now users can join by simply entering their name and email address as well.  With this new option, users are not creating a full account, so there is no need to create a password.  They are simply joining a single challenge, with one click of a button.

The Name submitted is what is displayed in the Standings, so that the email address is kept private.  Email address is requested in order to keep the entries unique (only one entry per email address is allowed), and in case the winners need to be contacted.  The same email address can later be used to check out how you did once the challenge has been scored.

We are excited to offer this new functionality based on your feedback.  As always, we welcome additional feedback - just shoot us a note at

- The Challenge Builder Team

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