Sunday, September 28, 2014

MLB Playoffs Predictions

The playoff teams are set, and October baseball is nearly here!  Get geared up for the playoffs and create a challenge so people can predict the winners for each playoff series.  We've even created a template for you to make it even simpler.

Here is what your challenge would look like using our template:

Creating a challenge from a template is simple.  Just go to, click on the Create Challenge tab, and select the "2014 MLB Playoff Predictions" option under Create from Template.  We've even created detailed instructions you can follow if you need a little help.

Of course you can always edit the template, or just start from scratch if you want to do something different.  You're in control, so make it your own!

- The Challenge Builder Team

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekly Pro Football Challenges

Football season is underway, and each week brings a new lineup of compelling matchups and storylines.  Spark some additional interest in your site by hosting a challenge for the teams you find the most interesting or care the most about.  Here are a few examples to show you what's possible.

Pick a few matchups and have people pick them against the spread:

Make predictions focused just on the team you cover or care about - here's one for the Kansas City Chiefs matchup with the New England Patriots:

Customize it however you want - we give you the tools to make it easy to setup and manage!  And host it directly on your site with our iframe option.  Just go to to create your own challenge today.  If you have any questions, just shoot us a note.

- The Challenge Builder Team