Tuesday, August 26, 2014

College Football Weekly Challenges

College Football is finally here!  That means there are tons of different options for creating weekly challenges.  Let's get right to a few examples to showcase the options we make possible:

Here's a challenge to pick the top games of the week against the spread - you can include whatever games you are most interested in:

Here's a challenge to predict the scores for every SEC game for the week - you can do this for any conference, the local schools in your area, or whatever matchups you find most compelling:

And finally, here's a challenge for Mizzou's first game - you can customize it for whatever team you want and any category you can think of:

Those are just a few of the possibilities.  The beauty of Challenge Builder is that you can fully customize your challenge, whether you want to focus on the top national games or your local Division II matchup.  Get started today!

- The Challenge Builder Team

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