Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Radio Station Listener Challenges

Radio Stations - do you want to engage and reward your loyal listeners?  Do you want to drive more traffic to your website?  Host a challenge and you can do both!

Challenge Builder provides a flexible, easy to use solution that can complement your on-air personalities and promotions with a web-based contest.  Anyone can create a custom challenge and plug it into your website - no coding required.  Here are a couple examples of how this could be used.

A contest with trivia from different segments throughout the week, which rewards loyal listeners:

Drive listeners to your website for a ticket giveaway promotion, where you share details on the air that users can enter to be eligible for the giveaway:

Got any questions?  Just give us a shout at

- The Challenge Builder Team

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reality Show Challenges

Everyone has a favorite Reality Show on TV, right?  With Challenge Builder, you can create your own challenge for your show of choice, no matter how popular or obscure it is.  Perfect for Entertainment Blogs, Office Pools, or just to spice things up among your friends who also watch the show.

Here's an example for a simple challenge for The Bachelorette:

You can have some fun with it and come up with your own creative questions (who gets the first kiss, will anyone be kicked off by Producers, etc.).  Or create a new challenge weekly to predict who gets eliminated each episode.  With the flexibility of Challenge Builder, the options are endless!

- The Challenge Builder Team