Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daily Baseball Challenges

One of the great things about America's Pastime is that there is a ballgame nearly every day.  This means if you want to have a baseball challenge, you get a new opportunity each day.

Maybe you're a Sports Radio station that has a pre-game show for the local team.  Or maybe you run a website that covers the team.  Or perhaps you're just a local business that's trying to connect with your customers.  Creating daily (or one-time) Baseball Challenges is another great idea that can be easily managed via Challenge Builder.

As always, you have complete flexibility with Challenge Builder's solution - you can create a challenge for a Major League team, Minor League team, College, or even High School.  And you can come up with whatever types of questions that are interesting to you and would be fun for your particular audience.

To provide an example, here is a potential challenge for the Kansas City Royals:

You can customize it for whatever team and question types you prefer.

Now play ball!

- The Challenge Builder Team

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